Get down with Eastbound

If you have any photos or videos of Eastbound during their shows, please forward them to: and we will put them up on the website, giving you credit of course.

For bookings, e-mail or call: 902-951-1011


Hey guys, and thanks so much for dropping by!

We are a musical duo made up of Krysta MacKinnon and Jay Luddington. We have many influences, and it depends on if we are performing accoustically or dance style, we play anything from celtic/folk, to country, or older rock&roll.

We have a passion for music, that is shown through our chemistry on and off the stage! We love incorporating harmonies into our music, and to create as much of a distinctive sound as we can. You can catch us doing anything from a private party or a lounge show, to a bar show or dance! Come out and get down with Eastbound at any one of these venues, and we promise you won't be disappointed!

So kick back, and relax. Browse around the website, to look at pictures, and upcoming shows (and hopefully mark it on your calendar and make a plan to come on out!)You can also sign the guestbook, let us know how you think we're doing! Any feedback is always greatly appreciated. And if you guys think of a particular song that you think would suit Eastbound, don't be shy to let us know! We always take requests and try to learn as much as we can! You can either leave it in the guestbook, OR e-mail us directly at: or

And last but not least, please come back often! We are always updating and changing the website around! It's a good way to keep in touch and there's nothing we love more then to stay in touch with the people who support us! We have many adventures coming up this summer, and we are going to be adding a blog filling you guys in, with pictures and videos as well, so don't stay away too long!

Thanks for all the support!

Much Love,

Krysta & Jay